Portable diagnostic imaging

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Mobile DI is the first and only mini C-arm designed specifically for your clinical and off-site imaging needs.

Combine portability and ease of movement with industry-leading digital X-ray and fluoroscopy. Introduce additional procedures with established CPT codes for increased reimbursement.

Improve your workflow and your patients’ satisfaction with Orthoscan Mobile DI.

Orthoscan Mobile DI mini C-arm on accessory cart

Size & Portability

Built to go where you go

Uniquely designed for those on the move, Mobile DI is a 35lb self-contained mini C-arm. Easily move between satellite clinics and off-site locations with the optional wheeled storage case.

Get high quality digital X-ray and fluoroscopy where you need it with Mobile DI.

35lbSelf-contained unit
Side view of Mobile DI mini C-arm imaging device

Cart | Monitor arm | Flexibility

Effortless movement and optimal viewing

1. Mobile accessory cart

Transport your Mobile DI easily between exam rooms and clinics with the optional accessory cart.

2. Monitor arm

With improved monitor arm articulation, view real-time results with your patients on a detail-rich display.

3. Imaging flexibility

Whether standing or sitting, reposition the detector to achieve optimal positioning of anatomy.

Mobile DI accessory cart monitor arm range of motion

24″ monitor | Orthotouch

Anatomy revealed

See more on-screen content with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 in bright detail on a hi-bright 24″ monitor for an immersive work experience.

The advanced Orthotouch touchscreen user interface allows seamless operation of system controls while still allowing for keyboard functions.

Expect exceptional diagnostic imagery with a 12″ x 9.5″ live image to see fine details of anatomy with vivid clarity.

24″Diagnostic monitor
OrthotouchTouchscreen interface
12″ x 9.5″Live image
24" monitor on Mobile DI
Doctor and patient using Mobile DI in clinic to image wrist

Additional procedures

Discover the possibilities of an improved workflow, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced lead times with these additional procedures.

  • Dynamic views
  • Fluoroscopic guided injections
  • Radiologic examinations
  • Stress views
  • Pin removals
  • Closed reductions
  • Motion studies
  • Joint stability tests
  • Arthrography

Exclusive accessories

Accessory Cart

Increased maneuverability and positioning. 24″ touchscreen monitor.

Desktop setup

24″ touchscreen monitor & keyboard for desktop imaging.

Foot bench

Capture weight-bearing foot and ankle shots.

Wheeled storage Case

Easily transport Mobile DI between locations.

Covers & drapes

Custom fitted to keep Mobile DI protected.



Free space13.8″ / 35cm
Mobile DI weight35lb / 15.9kg
Mobile DI height25″ / 63.5cm
Mobile DI footprint (W x L)12″ x 19″ / 30.5cm x 48.3cm
Accessory cart weight155lb / 70.3kg
Accessory cart height57.5″ / 146.1cm
Accessory cart footprint (W x L)24″ x 27″ / 61cm x 68.6cm
Arc depth8.5″ / 21.6cm
Pivot rotation430°
Weight bearing foot benchOptional
Keyboard handles


TypeCMOS detector
Detector resolution2 k x 1.5 k
Detector size15cm x 12cm
Useful array14.5cm x 11.5cm
Pixel spacing75 microns
Dose rateAKR / DAP


Display size24″ LCD
Primary “live” image12″ x 9.5″ / 30.5cm x 24.1cm
Dual reference image5″ x 4″ / 12.7cm x 10.2cm
Brightness575 cd/m2
Resolution1920 x 1200
Arm horizontal reach27″ / 68.6cm
Arm lateral rotation360° + 270° + 160°
HDMI (external monitor)
Built-in DICOM calibration


Input power100-230 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
Field controlsSingle
Wired hand & foot switch
Laser alignment
USB 2.0 port
EMI filter

X-ray generator

Focal spot42.5 microns
kV range40 – 78 kVp
mA range0.040 – 0.160 mA
Operating modeContinuous


Wireless communicationCapable
Image capacity26,000
Video capacity14.4min
Cine loop frame rate30 fps
Adaptive noise suppressionAutomatic
Manual noise suppression4 modes
Cine loop export
Snapshot capabilities
EMR connectivity
Edge enhancement
Post process brightness / contrast
DICOM 3.0 compliant

Brakes & wheels

Braking systemLock & release
Ground clearance3.5″ / 8.9cm


Start-up time60 sec


Operating systemWindows 8.1 embedded

Satisfied customers

We have one of the Mobile DI units and actually designed our clinic around it.

Jonathan Isaacs, M.D.

Associate Professor & Chair, Division of Hand Surgery

The quality of the live fluoroscopy, it’s much better than what I have in the operating room.

Jon Donigan, M.D.

Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

The best X-ray equipment you can get if you’re an extremity surgeon.

Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice

Minimally Invasive Hand & Nerve Surgeon

Not paid testimonials

Reimbursement calculator

Discover your potential revenue from using an Orthoscan mini C-arm. Simply enter your estimated monthly usage and lease amount below to begin.

CPT codeDescriptionMedicare ntl avgPer month
76000Fluoroscopy, up to one hour$47
77002Fluoroscopic needle guidance$103
77071Stress view$51
73030Shoulder, radiologic examination$30
73110Wrist, radiologic examination$37
73564Knee, radiologic examination$42
73630Foot, radiologic examination$31
73580Knee, radiologic exam, arthrography$129
Potential monthly reimbursement$0
Estimated monthly lease payment$0
Potential monthly revenue$0
* Reimbursement amounts are rounded 2019 Medicare national averages and do not represent actual reimbursement in your area. CPT © 2019 American Medical Association. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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